The HGMH Foundation hosted its second successful Annual Washer Tournament this year with 32 participating teams. A good time was had by all, enjoying great music, fun, food and drink. The community really wants us to keep this going…our earliest sign-up was in December! Everyone came out to play and some we happy to drive an hour to get here. Among our participants, Foundation and Hospital Board members, our hospital CEO and several administrative and nursing staff, Doc Marleau, friends and family from the neighborhood and the township.

Our ‘A’ division winners ($300) were Les Nadeau: Sylvie & Mario Nadeau. The ‘B’ division winners ($150) were Les Voisines: Sylvie Ménard-Carrière and Lynn Lalonde who both happen to be the wives of last year’s champs: Les Buds! Our 50/50 winning ticket was not claimed, and the crowd voted to donate the pot to the foundation rather than having a re-draw!  We look forward to hosting our third Annual Washer Tournament in 2020.